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The 17th annual poll that lets Haligonians decide who, what and where is the city's best. Just name your favourite in at least 10 of the following categories, and you're entered in a random draw for a $1,000 shopping spree at the Halifax Shopping Centre.

You must log in or sign up as a Coast member to vote, and only one vote per person is allowed. (We keep track of IP addresses and have other ways to thwart cheaters.) If you add insightful reasons or clever comments to explain your answers, we may (anonymously) quote you. And if you have any trouble voting, please let us know at

Keep your choices local, and if it's a chain you're voting for, be sure to specify the location. For example, Video Difference has locations on both Quinpool Road and the Bedford Highway. Also, The Coast recuses itself from the competition: Please don't vote for us in any categories, even if you think we are the best.

Voting is open from Thursday, August 18 at 6am through Monday, September 12 at noon. Results will be announced in The Coast Thursday, November 3.

This survey is closed. Thank you for your interest!

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