How to recycle and compost properly in HRM

How to recycle and compost properly in HRM

Reduce, reuse and reiterate that recycling is important but not using single-use plastics is better
If you're new to town, you may notice that Nova Scotia recycles and composts more than some other provinces.

A guide to Nova Scotia’s unofficial theme song: Barrett’s Privateers

The most important lyrics you’ll ever learn.
Welcome to Halifax where the sea is close and the seafarers' affinity for merrymaking is even closer. Where there's pints and perspiration, there's likely this song at least once throughout the evening and for some reason, everyone knows the words.

A tool kit for incoming university students with disabilities

Self-confidence, self-advocacy, self-care and patience
On my first day at Mount Saint Vincent University, I did not know what to expect.

How to stay alive and maybe even thrive as a non-car on Halifax's unruly streets

It's a wild world out there, best be prepared.
Following this summer's atrocious safety record of motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists, surely students could use some advice on how to stay alive while navigating our car-centric city.

Consent Kitties hit the dance floor in the name of safe space

A "teaching-not-policing" mindset featuring light-up kitty ears.
When his friends began avoiding the music festival scene due to one too many negative experiences on the dance floor, long-time festival-goer James MacDonald knew it was time for change.

Mental health services on campus in Halifax

Who offers what, and who to contact to set up an appointment
Nova Scotia Community College

A roommate’s guide to loading the dishwasher properly

There are many ways to do it wrong, fewer ways to do it right
I have a friend for whom loading a dishwasher is serious business.

Welcome to Halifax, students, here’s a run down of your local politicians

Who to bring your complaints to on all three levels of government
Let's be honest: sometimes politics can be overwhelming.

Buyer beware: three rental traps to avoid in Halifax

From bedbugs to application fees and pesky leases
1 Fixed term leases

Eight hot tips to make your life in HRM a little bit better

Act like you’ve been here since the beginning of time
Victoria Road turns into the 101.

The best place to be in Halifax, each night of the week

From Monday to Sunday, how to make the most out of night life in this city
A fun thing you'll learn in your mandatory Psychology 101 course is that in your early 20s, your brain is super-soft—as impressionable as a Memory Foam mattress.

Six places to lend a hand in Halifax

Volunteer spots guaranteed to make your life better, too.
Halifax North Memorial Library

Think you might want to stay in Canada after graduation? Start planning now.

Tips for navigating the labyrinth of Canada’s immigration system for international students
Canada has generous immigration programs for international students—on paper.

Which donair are you?

From The Ironic to The Overload, we are what we eat.
Y ou can't go very far in this town without bumping into a donair of one kind or another. Cousin of the doner kebab, and friend to boozy crowds after the bars close, the donair is a true Halifax original.

Dalhousie nursing students are learning about Naloxone

And they’re not the only ones who can learn
T his year during orientation week, some Dalhousie nursing students, faculty and staff will be learning about Naloxone—a temporary antidote to opioid overdose—in a special workshop and training on September 5.

A guide to the Halifax Nerdom

The best spots to flaunt your freak and meet like minded folks
Comic Shops

11 things to do in Halifax when you’re high

With places to go, bands to see and cake to get delivered, HRM is a great place to enjoy legal cannabis.
Halifax is very conflicted about cannabis.

Academic advising can keep students on track

How to take advantage of yours while at university
Despite their name, academic advisors do more than help students choose courses; they help them have a well-rounded university experience.

A tale of two cities

What your first impressions of Halifax are have a lot to do with where you were before you got here.


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